7 Simple Ways to Make a Reed Diffuser Smell Stronger

by Gulf Orchid Perfume Manufacturing L.LC on Jan 17, 2023

7 Simple Ways to Make a Reed Diffuser Smell Stronger

A reed diffuser is a long-lasting home fragrance solution that consists of a vessel filled with fragrance oil and reeds that absorb and disperse it into the air. Reed diffuser reeds work through capillary action, drawing the oil up along the length of the reed until it reaches the top and evaporates, dispersing the fragrance. How strong the scent is and how long it lasts depends on several factors.

The most important factor is the quality of the fragrance oil. Inexpensive reed diffusers often utilize fragrance that has been over diluted with some kind of base. The less diluted the fragrance oil is, the longer it takes to saturate the reeds. This gives you stronger fragrance and more even distribution. In other words, the reed diffuser will last longer.

It’s also important to choose the right reeds and the right location for your reed diffuser. Using the reed diffuser improperly can compromise its efficacy and longevity.

Here are 7 simple ways to make your reed diffuser smell stronger…

1. Add more reeds.7 Simple Ways to Make a Reed Diffuser Smell Stronger

The more reeds you add to your reed diffuser, the more fragrance it will disperse into the air. Generally speaking, large reed diffusers can accommodate more reeds than small reed diffusers, so the size of the diffuser comes into play as well. By adding or subtracting reeds, you can easily customize the strength of the fragrance released by your reed diffuser.

Try adding one extra reed at a time and give it a day or two to judge the intensity of the fragrance. If you’ve added multiple reeds and don’t notice a significant increase in fragrance strength, you may want to think about improving the quality of the reeds you’re using.

2. Choose high-quality reeds.

Cheap reed diffusers often use bamboo or synthetic reed sticks that tend to get clogged more easily than wood or rattan. When the reeds become clogged with dust or saturated with oil, they don’t disperse fragrance as evenly. One of the best ways to make sure your reed diffuser produces strong, evenly dispersed fragrance is to choose high-quality reeds.


3. Flip the reeds over.


Even if you choose high-quality reeds for your reed diffuser, they will eventually become saturated and lose their efficacy. A simple way to maximize the life of your diffuser reeds and keep the fragrance strong is to flip the reeds over from time to time. Flipping the reeds provides a quick boost of fresh fragrance and helps keep the reeds from becoming fully saturated on just one end.

While flipping your reed diffuser reeds can increase the strength of the fragrance, you want to avoid doing it too frequently. If you flip the reeds too often, the fragrance oil will evaporate more quickly. It’s best to flip the reeds once every two to three weeks. Another strategy is to flip the reeds before you entertain guests to refresh the fragrance.

4. Place the reed diffuser in a room with good air circulation.

It’s important to choose the right reed diffuser for the space you want to fragrance. Placing a large reed diffuser in a small room will result in stronger fragrance simply because there is less air to fill with scent. The strength of the fragrance also depends on how well the air circulates.

Place your reed diffuser in an area that sees a decent amount of foot traffic. For example, a reed diffuser placed in the entryway not only ensures that guests will be welcomed with fragrance, but the added air movement will help distribute the scent as well. If you place the diffuser in a corner or on a shelf, you’ll be restricting how well the fragrance disperses around the room.

5. Add new fragrance oil.


A 6-ounce reed diffuser generally lasts up to four months while a 15.5-ounce reed diffuser can last for up to a year. If the reeds are more than six months old, consider replacing them as they become saturated over time which compromises their efficacy. When you’re ready to add new fragrance oil, make sure to properly wash out the vessel before doing so. Don’t forget to add new reeds to the vessel and enjoy the fresh burst of fragrance.

6. Swap out your reeds.

While flipping reed diffuser reeds can provide a temporary boost in fragrance strength, you won’t be able to use the same set forever. If you notice the intensity of the fragrance has diminished and flipping the reeds no longer works, it’s likely time to replace the reeds entirely. As a general rule, you should replace reed diffuser reeds about every six months.

It’s wise to replace your reed diffuser reeds over the sink just in case you spill. Gently swirl the remaining fragrance oil with the new reeds to stir up any stagnant fragrance then put the reed diffuser back in position.

7. Change the location of the reed diffuser.


As previously mentioned, the location of your reed diffuser can significantly impact its effectiveness. If the fragrance simply isn’t strong enough for your liking and you’ve tried some of the other tips on this list, try moving the reed diffuser to a smaller room. A small room has less air to fragrance than large or high-ceilinged rooms.

If you have the reed diffuser in the room where you want it, but the scent is too weak, you may simply need to reposition it. Reed diffusers work most effectively with a little air movement, so avoid putting a reed diffuser in a corner or on a shelf – the more free space around the diffuser, the better.

It’s also wise to avoid placing a reed diffuser next to heating ducts, air conditioning vents, and doors that lead outside. Exposure to heat and too much air movement can lead to fragrance loss.