Established in 2016, Gulf Orchid is a family owned business and a member of Al Masmoum Group founded in 1987, that has grown from its humble origin to become one of the most renowned and leading compony in the cosmetics and beauty industry, manufacturing private labels for many commercial brands, proving itself strongly in the international market in a short period of time. Gulf Orchid has multiple factories over the Middle East and its products can be found in several countries including USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Brazil, Colombia, Oman, Romania, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait and Morocco. Our strength comes from a dedicated quality control system implemented through the whole manufacturing process, from design to production. This quality control system is under the supervision of highly qualified and trained specialists, and ensures that production is efficient across all production lines with quality always as the top priority. In addition, our products are constantly reviewed to implement any possible improvements which enables us to stay ahead of our competitors and keep the standards high. Every year we attend international fairs and exhibitions specializing in the cosmetic industry to be familiar with the latest trends in designs, materials, manufacturing, equipment and techniques in cosmetics production as well as cooperating with international companies in a mutually beneficial relationship to swap competencies.