Established in 1987, Gulf Orchid is a family owned business that has grown from its humble origin to become one of the most renowned and leading companies in the cosmetics and beauty industry, manufacturing private labels for many commercial brands proving itself strongly in the international market in a short period of time.

Gulf Orchid has multiple factories over the Middle East and its products can be found in several countries including UAE, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Syria and Morocco among others. The company is very proud of the great feedback we receive from our agents and customers coupled with acquiring various certificates of quality and appreciation, including the ISO certificate, the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the British Health Certification among others.


Nevertheless, Gulf Orchid always looks forward and the company has a very ambitious plan for the future, introducing a wide range of new products for all beauty segments that will surprise our loyal clients and keep the Gulf Orchid family growing, including skincare and a huge collection of make-up products combined with its tools and accessories.

The company has taken huge steps in terms of R&D and has gone through many phases of expansion to reach the current bright status in the market. Nowadays, Gulf Orchid is considered one of the leading companies valuing R&D and prioritising product testing in order to ensure the highest quality possible.