Make your Ramadan smells different this year!

by Gulf Orchid Perfume Manufacturing L.LC on Mar 02, 2024

Make your Ramadan smells different this year!
The Holy Ramadan is coming upon us once again.
 we want to balance contemplation and celebrating this extraordinary time’s vibrancy and energy.
To do this, we would like to introduce our favorite perfume Brands and why we think they embrace the spirit of Ramadan.


Matin Martin

This international leader brand in perfumes captures Ramadan’s joy, energy, and vibrancy. Their Ramadan 2024 collection was launched embracing the spiritual side of life while creating new memories with loved ones. unique, it is a wonderful brand you can wear it at any time in Ramadan.


Matin Martin Trio for Men

Matin Martin Trio for Men




Top note: Fruity, Spicy, Ozonic.

Middle note: Carnation, Oud, Geranium. 

 Base note: Leather, Woods, Balsamic.  

Top note: Pink Pepper, Bergamot. 

Middle note: Rose, Freesia, Heliotrope. 

Base note: Vanilla, Tonka, Musk.  

Top note: Juniper Berry, Blood Orange, Citruses. 

Middle note: Geranium, Pimento, Lavender. 

 Base note: Cedar, Vetiver, Patchouli.


Matin Martin Trio for Women Matin Martin Trio for Women

 Top note: Pear, Mandarin Orange, Plum.

Middle note: Jasmine, Orange Blossom.

Base note: Jasmine, Tonka, Ambergris.  

 Top note: Lychee, Rhubarb, Bergamot. 

  Middle note: Rose, Peony, Petalia.

Base note: Cashmeran, Vetiver, Cedar.  

 Top note: Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Black Currant.

Middle note: Tuberose, Jasmine, Passion Fruit.

Base note: White Musk, Vanilla, Cedar.  


Gulf Orchid

This wide-ranging collection epitomizes the relaxed nature of Ramadan when we can embrace who we are. It is the sweetest celebration of this month, a pretty range that will appeal to all. The unique Musk is this season’s big trend, making this an infinitely wearable collection.



musk gift


Maison Asrar 

This heritage brand has quality, and dedication to excellence. They also make some of the comfiest Room Spray on the planet! Maison Asrar for holy Ramadan given Room Spray offer signifies a dedication to delivering the finest quality and always striving for perfection. 


4 Maison Asrar Room Spray offer

4 Maison Asrar Room Spray offer

Room Spray offer

  • Rose Honey 
  • Hamsat Hob
  • Red Velvet 
  • Heritage